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Dricki Stories (College series part 11)

Drake began to get frustrated. “They better of not tooken her anywere else!” He slammed his fist into a wall.

Avril sighed, she looked around. “Maybe she’s hiding, doesn’t seem like anyones around..”

Drake nodded. They began searching every inch of the house, calling Nicki’s name. No sign of her.


Nicki was in a cop car, wrapped up in a blanket, she told them everything that happened, except the demon part. She wondered if after all that time Drake was still searching for her. Still yearning to be with her. She was. She missed him so much.

 They arrived at the police station. Nicki got out with 2 police officers guiding her.

She was led into a room were she sat on a couch. She curled up. She was brought dinner and a drink. She at fast, as if she’ll never eat again.

"I need to brought back to my college… my boyfriend is there and i need to see him.." Nicki said, looking at the cop.

"Whats the college name?" The cop asked.

Nicki told him the name and he called. They said Drake has been signed out for months, along with Avril. They haven’t been seen.

Shit, they’re looking for me…Nicki’s thought went crazyI hope they’re okay…

Nicki used the phone to call Drake. Straight to voicemail, as if it was dead. She tried calling Avril, no answer. She became devistated. With no sign of her boyfriend and best friend. She then tried calling Matt. His phone no longer was in service.

"Listen, you have to right a report that i’ve been found! Maybe my boyfriend will see it and he”ll come get me!" Nicki cried.

The cop nodded. “Will do.”


Drake & Avril went back to the car. Avril began searching frantically for her phone. “Drake my phone! It was in this pouch it’s gone!”

Drake and Avril spent about 30 minutes searching for it.

"You looking for this?" A man was holding her phone. His face was beat up. His arm looked more purple as a grape. Nicki’s father.

"You know, I should be DEAD. That little whore pushed me from the top of that building. Her little dumb ass didnt know there was a deep ass ocean. I was close to death. But I didn’t die." He smirked.

Drake and Avril looked confused.

"Why…?" Asked Avril.

"Why, WHY?! Because the dumb little slut blamed me for everything! She was a mistake brought into this world! And she’ll be taken out soon."

This made Drake furious, he ran up and tackled her father. He beat his face in until the man couldn’t take it anymore.

Avril grabbed her phone.One missed call… the police station. Ohmygawd Nicki!She called back. “Drake Nicki is at the police station, lets go!

Drake gave the man one last kick. “You drive.” He sat in the passanger seat.

Avril drove to the police station.

Stayyyy tuned! Finally Nicki & Drake will be reunited!

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Dricki Stories (College Series)

The door was about ready to bust open, Nicki poked her head out the window to see if there was any possible escape.

With her luck, there was something she could climb on to get to the roof. But Nicki had a fear of heights. She never would of climbed them, she blighted them, but if this was the only way out, she would take it.

She put a shakey foot out the window, and then the other. Her whole body trembling, she looked over at the steps. She took the chance and jumped to it, almost falling. Her heart was pounding hard, and she began to climb. She kept climbing until she reached the roof, and pulled herself up. She crawled scaredly to the center, curling up and crying.

The men busted into the room.

"Where are you!" Jake said with a smirk. He looked all around the room, beganning to get frustrated since she was no were to be seen.

"I bet that little bitch jumped!" He yelled, ripping a pillow in half.

"Or" her father said, she climbed up there. He had his head poked out the window.

Jake came along side him. “Thats to imtimidating for her. Do you think she did?”

"Its the only way. She wouldn’t kill herself . I know my daughter."

"So we climb up there and find out?" Jake Suggested.

"Yeah, we do just that." He replyed.

Jake stuck his foot out the window and then the other, as he was about to grab onto the steps, he slipped, he was now hanging, waiting to drop 6,000 feet.

"Help me !" He cried. His finger tips began to slip as he could barely hang on. "What the hell help me!"

Nicki’s father only pushed his head back, leaving him to fall. He watched as his body fell and disapeared. “Idiot.” He got out and onto the steps, climbing up.

Nicki saw two finger tips and she immediatily got up. Her heart pounding and her eyes becoming teary. Her father pulled himself up and smirked. “Come here baby girl.” He walked to her.

"Screw you!" She screamed and stepped back. Her heels did her no good.

Her dad ran and grabbed her gropping her tightly. “DID YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT YOU AND YOUR MOTHER COULD GET AWAY FROM ME? DO YOU THINK ANYONE GETS AWAY FROM ME? WELL GUESS WHAT? SHES GONNA PAY, YOUR GONNA PAY!” He slammed Nicki down and left her rolling, she rolled off the edge of the building but hung on, she screamed and cried. “No, oh god please no!” He walked up to her and stepped on her left hand. “Let me tell you WHAT. Your going to die, and shes going to suffer.” Nicki gave him a furious look and grabbed his ankle with her other hand. As scary as it was she did it. He tried to kick her off but he fell over board. As much as her left hand hurt, she forced herself to hang on, her father banishing deep down.

She pulled herself up and curled up, crying.


Drake couldn’t believe Matt was gone and he was scared to lose Avril to. Both the men were distracting on what to do with Avril , when Drake quietly pulled out a gun from his back pocket he had all along.

"YOU SHOOT MY BEST FRIEND AND EXPECT ME TO NOT DO NOTHING? THIS SHIT HAS PLENTY OF BULLETS IN IT! AND YOUR GONNA DIE!" He shot the men in the head, kneeling down next to Matt and crying.

That was his pal, he loved Matt like a brother. Avril got out the car and hugged Drake, crying to.

She was in love with Matt.

"Drake.. Those two men, who ever they were, was working for the people that had Nicki. I saw pictures in-in the truck. She was tied up. They were dated two months ago… I-i dont know if shes still alive… from the pictures she looked pretty wounded.."

Drake quickly got up and went to the truck, he grabbed the photos and scammed through them. Furious his fist went through the car window, he searched the car some more. He was furious.

"Get in the car Avril we need to continue driving to this place." He gripped the pictures.

"What about Matt?" Avril whined softly.

Drake immedaitly snapped. But Avril heard the hurt in his voice. “He’s dead. Theres nothing we can do!”

Avril got in, and they drove to the place.

Two days later, they arrived to a gigantic building. The starred in awe.


But anyways, after two days, do you honestly think Nicki is still there?

Chapter 11 next :]

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Dricki Stories (College Series part 9)

It’s been atleast 8 hours of searching and driving. Drake began to tire. He pulled over and layed back, closing his eyes.

"Do you want me to drive?" Matt asked. "I’m wide awake."

"No man, it’s okay.’ He looked back to see Avril, sleeping.

"Do you think shes still. . alive?" Drake shot a look at Matt. "Don’t say that. She is." He started up the car, driving down a lonely gas station. He stopped in front of a gas tank and looked around. There was a truck, and another car. "Stay here. I have to get gas.” He gets out and walks into the store.

Matt looks around. He sees the man that owns the car putting gas in it. And assuming the man who just walked out the store owns the truck. Matt stayed in his seat, then looked back at Avril. He smiled to himself, thinking how beautiful she is when she’s sleeping, then looked back foreward.

Drake walked out and went over to the man with the car, Matt wondered what he was saying.

"Escuse me, sir?"

"Yes?" The man looked at Drake.

"Which way is the high way? I need to get on it."

"The high way is packed, son." The man looked over at the trucker. He walked over.

"You lookin’ to get on the highway?" He had a straw in his mouth and a hillbillie accent. "It’s packed boy, I say follow us, we get you to where you gotta go."

Drake felt uneasy. “Listen. . my girlfriend’s been kidnapped. I need to get on the high way because. . I don’t know this place.”

"It’s packed boy. Lil’ lady be 85 by the time you get off it. I suggest you follow us." The man walked back to his truck.

Drake went and filled his gas, then got in.

The trucker led, Drake followed, and the other men in the back.

"Why’d you follow them?" Matt asked.

"Because, I want Nicki. And if this is a quicker way then i’m taking it.

"And if there lying?"

Drake looked at Matt. All the sudden, the man in the truck stopped. Drake bumped gently in the back, the other man bumping into Drakes car. Avril awoke as she jerked forward. “What happened?! Where are we?!”

Both the men got out, holding guns to them.

They were in the middle of no were.

Drake, Avril and Matt looked at each other.


Jake walked in the room, only to find Nicki curled up against the wall.

"Aw, whats the matter? Devil scare you.’

You have no idea what scared me! Nicki wanted to say. She just looked at him.

Jake yanked her up. ‘Lets go, you have company.”

He dragged her out only to find her father. She screamed and tried to run back. “No please, I dont wanna see him! LET ME GO!” she cried, closing her eyes tightly leaning back, Jake holding her up.

"Oh baby girl, why don’t you wanna see daddy?" He grinned. "I won’t hurt you. Your my precious little pretty girl.” He gestures his fingers for them to bring her. She only screamed and struggled, only to get gripping tightly by her father. He could feel her body shaking, but as all perverted men are, he liked it. He liked the fact his little girl was scared of him. That only meant he could over power her.

"You look more beautiful then ever." He ran his nose up the side of her neck.

"Stop. . please stop. ." She cringed, wanting to get away. "Stop it. . " Tears fell from her eyes.

"Ohh baby," He turned her around and pressed her hard against him, for a hug. "No crying, it’s oooookkkaaayyy." His hand ran down her back seductivly.

Nicki started to feel furious, she decided to fight him, she kicked, punched, bit, and everything else a young girl could do.


All her father had to do was push her back and knock her down.

Nicki whined in pain because of the scar on her back.

"Oh yeah!" Jake yanked her up and made her face him, he then bent her down and lifted up her shirt. He also shoved her face against his penis as he did so.

"My property."

"Great, thats just great." He smirked.

Nicki bit Jakes penis part, hard, and ran once he scream and fell back. She ran through a door and quickly shut it, locking it. After maybe 5 seconds there was banging. She ran through the hallway she was in, scaredly. She stopped once she got a dark tall staircase. She heard footsteps from where she had been a second ago. She quickly started her way up.

She got to the top and saw 3 doors, she snuck into the door that was unlocked, and locked it. She was in a room. A bed room. The bed covers where dirty white. The bed sheets messed up. Pictures of a woman and her son, the one she saw in the mirror, framed all around the room. She saw a window and looked down, then opened it. She was atleast 6,000 feet from the floor. She felt a shove, as if someone was trying to push her, as she turned, no one was there.

Fall you stupid hoe! The demonic voice. The next shove was hard. She fell out the window but held onto the edge. She tried not to scream, so she whined, she started to push her back up when something pushed her back in. She landed on the bed, then looked around. Now this is getting weird. . She thought.

A woman in all white appeared with a wand. “Hello Darling, I’m Martha, Martha Zolanski. I am your fairy God Mother and The demon inside you, thats my son.

Nicki wiped her eyes. What the hell is going on. .

Roman took over Nicki.

"No mother, you shall not save her. She DESERVES to be here!"

"Roman, just because you love it here doesn’t mean she does, now come out of her body!”

"NEVER!" Roman yelled.

Martha flew at Nicki, going into her body to, for her son.

Now both Martha and Roman where inside her.

Nicki looked around. What the hell just happened. . ?

Banging on her door, the men screamed. Nickis only option, jump out the window.


Drake Avril and Matt stepped out the car, there hands up.

"You." The trucker pointed the gun at Avril. "Get in the back of my truck."

"What, no!" She screamed.

The man grabs Avril by the hair and pulls her to the truck.

Both Drake & Matt go for her, but get shot at.

"Man what the hell we do to you!" Matt yelled.

"SHUT UP!" The other man shot Matt straight in the brain. Killing him. "NO TALKING!" His gun aimed at Drake. "Now, I suggest if you wanna see your princess again you listen, okay?" He grinned.

Drakes eyes where teary, blurry. He nodded.

"Whatever you say…"

He felt sick. .

Whoooooaaa. Long, huh? Sorrry. I hope you enjoyed. I left it hanging with both Drake and Nicki. Hopefully they both get away so they can see each other.

But poor Matt.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 10 :]

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Dricki Stories (College Stories part 8: Meeting Roman)

It hit night time, and Nicki was dragged again to her room. This time, her door was locked so she wasnt tied. Her back throbbed. She searched for the light switch and once she found it she turned it on. She looked around. A bed, and a bathroom was it. No windows. One door, but it was locked. She walked to the bathroom. She saw a towel and wet it, putting it on her throbbing back.

"Ow.." She winced. She looked up in the mirror. Her makeup was everywere. She took the towel and washed it, wiping all the make up off her face. She then looked up only to see a creepy demon boy staring back at her. His eyes where red, his grin, horrific.

Nicki jumped back. How was a boy in a mirror.

"Who- who are you?" She could barely bring herself to speak.

The boy walked out of the mirror, his cloths where ratchet, and old.

"I see your the slave, I was hoping more for a boy, but you’ll be perfect my darling." He ran to her and jumped inside her body. He was now living inside her.

Nicki’s body shaked for the possession. For a second, she was him but it all went away as she came back to the normal world. She looked around for the boy she just saw, but couldn’t find him. She remembered him jumping at her. . then gone.

Did he just go inside me?! Nicki’s thoughts wondered. Frantically she searched around the room, as she turned around, she saw on the walls blood writen

My name is Roman. I need a soul to live in. To escape my mother. You are now mine Nicki. I mean, Onika. Hahaha! Sorry if I get controlling, its just how I am!”

The blood dripped down the walls and disapeared. Nicki fell to her knees and cried, she didn’t want to be possesed. And even worse, she didn’t want to be possessed for life. .

Here’s a little something about Roman. I just thought it would be cool to bring him in, to show how he got to her, you know.

Chapter 9 coming soon.

Just a little sneak peak, because of Roman, Drake won’t find Nicki. Roman is basically going to ruin everything. You know, untill Martha comes. And yes, I will be bringing in Martha, and how she came to live in Nicki :))

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Dricki Stories (College Series Part 7)

It’s been 2 months, 6 days, and a whole lot of hell. Drake sat with Avril and Matt, trying to figure something out.

"I can’t deal no more. I’m going to. . " he looks at Avril. "Your room, I need to be where her smell is..” Drake got up.

Avril held out her key. “Stay as long as you like, her bed is at top. You can sleep there if you like, I’ll stay here.”

Drake took the key and nodded, grabbing his coat. He walked out into the hallway. The note he found the night he was shot fell out. He picked it up.

Hey. . I remember this. . he thought to himself. He walked to the room. The scent of Nicki rushed passed him, he took it in. Not caring if he still needed healing he climbed to her bunk and snuggled against her favorite pillow. He opened the note.

2178 SW 16th TER.

Once this mails call me.

789-456-2125 ASAP.

Get the girl.

Onika Tanya Maraj is the name.

Once you do, get on the task.

Bring her to 7895 sw 45 st. There is an abandoned house in the forest, that is the head quarters.

- Rick Gein.

Drake couldn’t believe what he read. He got down from the bunk and ran out of the room. He ran to Avril and Matt, telling them everything.

"So, thats it?! Lets call the cops and go!" Avril said.

"No, we can’t." Drake said, "it may be what they want. I got guns. I want my girlfriend back."

"It’s gonna use up alot of gas money. . " Matt said.

"I don’t care, I want my girl and I know where she is." Drake said. He took out his car keys. "Lets go."


Nicki was the only woman. Drunk and high men surrounded her. She was scared. She’s already been raped 8 times, counting. She was scared to get raped again. She ran to the bathroom and closed the door, sobbing. She kept the light off and curled up in a corner. The fact that her love was dead hurt her, she closed her eyes.

"Where is she?" The man asked another man.

"Bro I dont know, havent seen ha!" He drank more.

The man pushed him out the way. He began looking around, his last stop the bathroom. He gently lay his ear against the door. He heard the sobbing. He kicked the door down and turned on the light.

There she was, as he had her wearing a sexy exposing dress, and deep makeup.

"What the hell you doing in here slut?! I told your stupid ass to stay out there and pleasure men! And here you are, crying your eyes out!" He yanked her up with force, hurting her. "Whats your problem you worthless whore!" He slammed her into the wall.

"Ow!" Nicki screamed. "Leave me alone, you bastard! I hate you! I’m not your property!" Nicki was so sick of being treated like a slave. "I’m not yours!"

This made the man mad. He grabbed her by the neck and yanked her up, pushing her against the wall and choking her. “You do NOT talk to me like that you little bitch!” He took out a knife. “And you are my property now!” He bent her down over the sink and lifted up her dress, carving Jake in her back. He then slammed her down. “You are now.”

Omg!!! Poor Nicki :( Stay tuned for chapter 8

Do you think Drake is gonna save her in time?

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